Sylvanleaf Park

This park is an elven haven in the middle of the metropolis, featuring traditional elven houses that incorporate or are themselves shaped out of trees. A place the elves can call their own and live freely in communion with nature. A centuries old sage called Imien is the community’s unofficial leader. It came to be when Lord Basily Alden took the daughter of an elven clan leader as his wife and, as a way to placate his outrage, offered the clan some lands in Mullhaven where they could settle under the city’s protection.

It’s an elven-dominated community, although some non-elven folk are exceptionally allowed as long as they are either druids, worshippers of Mnesthes or practice any other sort of nature worship.

A great tree known as The Great Oak, deep in Sylvanleef Park, holds a great spiritual meaning for the elves and some even consider it to have magical properties.

This is the place where the Mullhaven druidic coven, the Viridian Eye, chooses to gather.

Sylvanleaf Park

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