Four Gods

Religion brux
BRUX: The Maroon God of strength, authority, violence, war, emotion and passion. In bygone days, his worshippers were usually nomad tribes where the strongest warrior led everything, the tribe moved around hunting for game and sometimes hired its muscle to do war for other tribes. From a positive standpoint, he represents freedom in the barbarian sense, emotions like passionate love and protection of those who matter to you. From a negative standpoint, he encourages needless violence, carelessness of the sanctity of life and emotions like hate and jealousy.

  • Domains: War, Strength, Destruction, Chaos, Earth

Religion mnesthes
MNESTHES: The Viridian God of nature, life and death, Mnesthes watches over the ever-turning circle of life and death. The death of individuals is merely a natural thing accourding to his philosophy, but life is still sacred and health and purity are vital to his worshippers. Another of his rules is that human(oid)s should never attempt to put themselves above the natural world in which they live. From a positive standpoint, he represents balance with one’s surroundings, honouring the natural world and respecting one’s body. From a negative standpoint, Mnesthes is a cruel bastard who smites all who stand before him and tries to hold back the advance of civilisation because of his belief in nature.

  • Domains: Water, Plant, Death, Healing, Animal

Religion muhar
MUHAR: The Ivory God of civilization, society and wealth, Muhar encourages a strongly hierarchical system, where the strong protect the weak in exchange for their loyalty and love. Muhar was the protector of travelling merchants and tribes who settled down for agriculture instead of wandering, but after nomadism had died out, he has specialised into the patron of bureaucracy and the nobility. From a positive standpoint, he protects the unity and strength of kingdoms as well as individual liberty, while from a negative one he oppresses the weak and bars the poor from ever gaining wealth or new ideals ever being introduced to society.

  • Domains: Law, Luck, Fire, Protection, Sun

Religion zinite
ZININE: The Azure Goddess of knowledge, education and magic, Zinine promotes the idea that if generation after generation of scribes, magi and priestesses store knowledge for their followers, one day all this study will lead into “the ultimate truth”, whose discoverer will ascend to godhood, the origin of the Goddess herself. In the distant past, her followers were the mystics, healers and mediums of tribes, even ones wholly devoted to some other deity. From a positive point of view, Zinine supports study and knowledge which will benefit the people as well as individuality. From a negative one, she harbours envy of others’ achievements, distrust, lack of respect for the masses and emotional coldness.

  • Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery, Travel

Four Gods

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