Huan Orsinni

He's a quirky young lad with much to discover.


He knows not where he came from. The first thing he remembers was him in an orphanage. Doesn’t know who left him there, where he came from or who he is, but that doesn’t bother him much

As soon as he got some strengh in his legs he ran off. He tried several times before and he got caught every time until one day he managed to hide well enough. He sought shelter near the wall near the blacksmiths to the southeast of the city.

Even though he kept watching his back, waiting to be caught by the city guard, the truth was he was in that orphanage for 20 years. Little more than 8 years in human years, he was barely a child but, not being used to elven orphans, the caretakers cared little for him, not enough to report him missing.

Barely scrapping by, his first days alone were long and boring. Tormented by hunger he soon realised that sometimes one must go the extra limit to survive. He managed to live off charity and stealing the ocasional loaf or fruit. He loved going to the orchards outside the city walls to gather some free fruit and vegetables.

One day, near the Merchants’ Plaza, he saw a vendor of exotic animals. He gazed upon a small gray bird. Looking closer he realized that insided that wooden cage lied a small hawk. Too small to be of interest to the regular hunter. He was no good for the hunting game. He was intriged, it almost looked like the hawk was looking back, not with a blank expression so common amongst the animals he was used to but something else, something deeper.

After a while he decided it was all in his head and went back to his daily affairs of surviving.

As he reached for an apple for his usual breakfast routine he suddenly feels a force pulling him up by his collar. The city guards caught him.

He was trying to come up with an answer for the stealing but his clothes gave away his roofless situation. He was nothing but a common thief. Suddenly, a voice is heard – He’s with me. He looked back and saw a man in his mid 40’s. After a bit of arguing and money trading hands the man just said – Come with me, I bet you’re hungry. He didn’t have a better place to go and he was indeed hungry. Curiosity and obligation compeled him to go (he couldn’t deny his protection with fear of arrest).

After going through the park they reached a small alley. The man opened the door to what it looked like a herbanist store. The store was full of herbs, teas and little other plants inside jars and pots. The man lead him to the attic and said – You can stay here for the night if you want, I’ll call you when dinner is read. The boy contemplated his fate as he gazed through the window into the rooftops. “Why was he helping me?” the boy wondered. Finally reaching dinner time he heard a call.

At the dinner table introductions were made. His name was Rinaldo Orsinnin. A name fit for a nobleman – thought Huan, even though his monetary status appeared to be a of a middle-class working man.

The man explained his reason behind his actions, he once had a son that died due to illness. Seeing him in need compeled the man to help. The man presented Huan with a choice, work for him for food and shelter or going back to the streets. As the man was starting to age, the task of getting herbs from the forest and gathering specific ingredints was becoming too much of a burden so he asked Huan if he wanted to do it for him. Learn the craft of being a herbalist and getting free food, shelter and some pocket money. Huan agreed, he had little choice.

A few weeks passed and not a single day went by without Huan going to the market and trading eyes with the hawk. Rinaldo noticed. After the market trip, Huan went to the forest with his trusted bull’s ass sack and gathered some herbs Rinaldo requested, keeping his part of the arrangement.

As he got home he heard a screech, almost like a bird fighting. He saw Rinaldo trying to feed a piece of meat to the midget hawk. Huan soon realised what the man had done for him. Another act of kindness towards a boy he hardly knew. He thanked Rinaldo and went into his room with the cage.

30 years gone by and Rinaldo became old man Rinaldo. Even though it was not common for a man to reach such old age, Rinaldo was healthy. By then Huan had taken over almost all of the store’s functions, getting up in the morning for plant gathering and closing the store late at night. Rinaldo taught him the craft but he seemed to know a lot more than he actually showed. The millenia wouldn’t be enough for Huan to learn all Rinaldo had to teach.

The call of the nature compeled Huan to take care of the store’s garden in the forest aswell as keep his hawk as a trusted friend instead of a mere pet. There was something special in that connection.

One day, as the sun went down he reached the alley and faced a crowd. That never happened, it had always been a quiet place, he didn’t understand the cause of all that. As he traveled through the crowd he saw the city guards gathered around the entrance of the store. Something happened! He rushed in and saw only a corpse covered by a bloody sheet. He didn’t want to believe it, Rinaldo had been murdered.

The following weeks were torment. Questions of why and who invaded his mind. The constant visits to the city guard barracks were no use, they had no leads. They even seemed not to care and after a few months they just closed the case linking the murder to a randomn robbery they had no evidence of. There was nothing missing from the store, just signs of struggle.

Even though Huan cleaned the store, and fixed the shelves in the walls, he couldn’t muster strenght to work. When the money started to end and hunger struck, he started to run an illegal business. He sold one of Rinaldo’s secret liquor named Dragon’s Fart. The reason behind the name was the pungent stench and the godlike kick to it. The noblemen in the city seemed to love his mixture.

These events lead us to the present day. Huan was a broken young man. He trusted no one, he cared for no one. He just wanted the reason behind taking away the only person that cared for him. The anger for the city became his fuel, the reason to live on. He wanted to find out what happened, he wanted blood.

His new routine became making liquor, taking care of Pombo, searching the library for knowledge in the magic arts and trying to find clues for Rinaldo’s mmurder. In his mind, magic had become the only way he could find anything about that night, it became his only way out.

Huan Orsinni

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